Essential material for the light weight construction


OCTAMOLD innovation is a light weight-constructive element with an encumber able spatial-reticulated structure that is based on a truncated rhombic dodecahedron.

Only this body full fills the following conditions:

  • beside the sphere, optimal correlation of surface and volume
  • as a cell it is available to full fill the space completely ( as a fulfiller of the space)

Relation to bionics (bionics = biology and technique)

Soap suds of soaped base are in the same principle. Nature is available to keep the balance of powers in order to form minimal surfaces that match to the truncated rhombic dodecahedron, as well as the quadrant and hexagonal ones that very often appear.

From bionics to the panel for the light weight construction

By means of bionics it is known, that some specific structure in one level make halved truncated rhombic dodecahedron. By tinning of at least two levels it is formed the position of the complete truncated rhombic dodecahedrons. All of the quadreangled surfaces seen from above, are linking and joining surfaces. While producing of these panels the middle part of the panels are going to be thinned down, and in this way there is a wearable spatial short-sticked creation out of the edges. By layering of one lower and another upper cover layer there is the production of the panel for the light weight construction.


By minimal material consumption it is defined the maximal volume over the short-sticked creation.


Light weight construction is reduction of the weight by means of light weight material using. By turns or synchronously made mechanical encumbrance are taken over by light weight constructive elements. In the space, identical, geometrical defined order of the net of the truncated rhombic dodecahedron is the inovation in the light weight construction. The powers of stretching, pressure, bending, pushing and torsion are taken over by this elelment and apart from its small weight it can bear up with its structure the encumbrance. While producing materials for the light weight construction, using spatial-reticulated structure of the truncated rhombic dodecahedron, it is possible to realize the reduction of loud noise and in a self-muted manner of the constructive element

Buyers benefit

By using of the spatial-reticulated structure of the truncated rhombic dodecahedron there is a possibility for producing a new constructive element.

Outer powers effect on these constructive elements are conveyed in the space without tension peaks ( short-sticked creation from stretchihg and pressure sticks). They allow bigger theoretical encumbrance because the firmness and toughness are risen as the result of reticulated order. Light weight construction is an essential technology for the prevention of the powers of the mass and slowness in factories, machines, handling-techniques, devices and vehicles for water, land and air. Optimal structures of light weight construction are characterized by high firmness and toughness. By minimal material using there is maximal functional integration and economy.

Production benefit

In comparison to the sphere there are no spatial fields that are not defined by the truncated rhombic dodecahedron. This is a decisive advantage in relation to the material usage for the complete usage of space. By means of appropriate production procedures, it is possible to use plastic, metal, paper and other raw materials in order to modify and produce in reproductive constructive parts (e.g. panels) with stable characteristics. It is possible also to realize the integral way of systematic construction, because, using the combination of the basic elements(different panel heights, cover layers) there is the possibility of using lots of various units. In this way the constructive part can be produced cheaply and even as a specific order.

New technologies with intensive costs are not needed for the production. The combination of known procedures is sufficient to costruct the basic structure of the truncated rhombic dodecahedron into the element for light weight construction. As an example, we name the usage of fibre reinforced polyamids. The existing flat panels can be produced, by thermal modifying and appropriate tools, in halved panels of the truncated rhombic dodecahedron. Two panels of same kind by mutual joining are linked over quadre surfaces. By layering of upper and lower cover layer the process is completed.

In the mass production (e.g. constructive elements in standing akimbo at car production)the necessary parts of the process are becoming appropriately defined. Procedures as: e.g. calendration, molding, hammering or hammering by spraying are suitable for the production of this kind of element for light weight construction with wearable spatial-reticulated structure. Giving preference to known procedures makes available faster realizationf of process that allows the production of products characterized by reproductive quality.

With this that middle parts of surfaces are thinned down, the solid edges are left as a wearable short-sticked creation. Under encumbrance these edges take over tension and distribute it and convey farther.

This effect is deciding advantage, because in a constructive part with spatial-reticulated structure of a truncated rhombic dodecahedron appears anisotropy. The flow of power can not find defined longitudinal and/or diagonal direction. There is an isothropic distribution of power in a constructive part, that clearly reduce tension peaks and possible points of weakness. Resistance to pressure, firmness, torsion, as well as the resistance to pushing in a longitudinal and diagonal direction are being improved decisively. Element for light weight construction with a spatial-reticulated structure of a truncated rhombic dodecahedron convey the transmission of power constrantly farther, and that with each knot in a short-sticked creation is divided again and again, and in this way prevent tension peaks.

Products' family

By translucent 3D-structure, e.g. standard profiles as T-bearers and round-/quadre profiles from the complete material can be changed by translucent 3D-structure.

Arch constructive parts are made by draping process of previously prepared standard panels. These half-finished products have their application in almost all industrial branches.

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