Bionics (same: biomimicry, biomimetics, miomimesis) deals with the explanation of "inventions of reanimated nature and their inovative application in technique". Bionics is an interdisciplinar field where scientists of natural sciences and engineers, as well as the representative of other disciplines, e.g. architects and designers collaborate together.

The English term bionics was introduced by the major of the aeroplane of the United States of America, Jack. E. Steele, in 1960 at the conference in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. German term: Bionik is consisted of the words: biology and technique and with this it expresses the ways of using principles that come out from biology. Bionics is sistematically learning by nature and according to this fact it is clearly restricted from the clear natural inspiraton.


  • Optimization of structure of constructive parts (CAO and SKO): forms of trees growth, in other words, bones.  
  • riblet-foils: at sharks which swim very fast, the surface of the skin is consisted of small, one by another lined up scales. On this scale there are fine wrinkles of sharp edges that are parallelly lined up in the direction of the current. These microscope small wrinkles reduce the resistence of grating. This effect of resistance reduction is present in all turbulent currents, and is effective in the air too.The aeroplanes can be covered with special foil (so called riblet-foils), that, on their upper part have similar structure and with that they reduce the resistance of the aeroplane to the air. The science fact comes out from the examination of sharks – fossils, in other words, their scale. . 
  • A burdock-catch is developod on the example of the bur-like fruit-trees. (George de Mestral, 1956.) 
  • The impossibility of soaking and self-clearing of some specific biological surfaces: observing and detailed fact examination, that, from the leaf of lotus practically all water-melting substances are rejected, it comes to the patents of surface structure that are extremely hard become soaked and cleaning by themselves (that is: new artificial surfaces: e.g. as the paints for facades) up to the effect of lotus. See: wax on the leaves of herbs, e.g. lotus, kohlrabi, and the others.  
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